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Angel Junction Program


Our educational approach focuses on teaching students how to think rather than only having them internalize an established core of required information.


The focus is on the progression of developmentally appropriate basic skills, concepts, and learning processes in all subject areas. Research shows that children learn by doing and they need many opportunities to explore and grow. Daycare activities that align with the best practices can foster creativity as well as promote emotional, cognitive, social and physical development. Developmentally appropriate activities help build self-esteem and an enthusiastic eagerness to learn.


Each monthly guide is Theme Based and includes factual information related to the Theme for discussion, number, color, and shape displays, as well as songs, rhymes, games, suggestions for dramatic play, a book list, art and craft activities, and math, science, language arts and social studies activities. The Guide also includes some enrichment activities and an “on line code” for printing bonus activities and materials.


Angel Junction curriculum is built upon the fundamental belief that it is possible to challenge children while maintaining a nurturing and supportive environment. Healthy student-teacher relationships and interactions substantiate this belief, and our small class sizes allow for close monitoring of student performance and prompt intervention when needed. We believe educating children is a shared endeavor between home and school and our teachers communicate regularly with our parents regarding school achievement and the overall experience of the students.